[ANSTHRLD] books looking for homes

Lisa Theriot lisatheriot at ravenboymusic.com
Mon Apr 4 22:15:24 PDT 2011

[Cool, bidding war (Some of us have already responded about specific
books privately).]

Indeed.  Since I am trying to get what I can for someone who can really
use the funds, I am by no means above such tactics.

So far, the most interest seems to be in the Rymut.  For inquiring
minds, this is a loose-leaf copy of a library volume.  It seems to be
complete: 72 pages of what I'm sure are fabulous essays on naming
practices if you read Polish, followed by alphabetized (dated) names.
Total, 316 pages.  A bonus copy of Walraven's article based on this book
is included as an appendix.

Happy as I would be if you would all bid against each other, I point out
that since this has already been copied to 2-sided loose leaf, the hard
work is done.  It would be a simple matter for someone to take the pages
out of their protective sleeves and run 2-sided to 2-sided copies, and
everyone who wants one can have it.  Just sayin', form a pact.  The
Hoffman (Polish Surnames, in English) is an actual book, so it will have
to go to just one owner.

Andrewe, re: Welsh sources...  Morgan & Morgan is a great source, but it
is a little hard to use until you get used to it (and learn to tell what
is an actual date and what is a page citation).  Gruffudd is fraught
with peril; only the actual dated citations are reliable.  (Gruffudd was
depressed by how few names he found, and he started back forming them
from placenames, often incorrectly.) It is name-your-baby easy to use,
though.  Davies is fun, but has few dates.  The Bartrum and Bromwich
works are for people who want to do serious research, not people looking
for an easy name source.

Tostig has $20 down on Bahlow/Gentry.  If anybody wants to put a bid in
via email so I don't let your fave go to someone else, feel free.

I'll be there at Stargate for morning court.  After court, I'll have the
books available for inspection, bidding, pleading, and dealing.


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