[ANSTHRLD] Two wolves yin-yanged

Lisa Theriot lisatheriot at ravenboymusic.com
Fri Apr 15 12:33:52 PDT 2011

There's no way to get what he's going for with the creation of positive
and negative space with the two wolves (though in my mind's eye I see an
old coat where the line of division was created using two opposing
horses' heads-- does that ring anybody else's bells?).  I wouldn't bet
my last yen that there isn't an opposing animal design in mon somewhere,
but they would be highly stylized, and mon clearly is not what this guy
is going for.

Send him to Gunnora's page.  There is a jet button under "bear" in the
heraldic article that is basically two bears passant in annulo. Argent,
two wolves passant in annulo sable looks clear, and would be very
stylistically appropriate for early Norse.


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