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Jay Rudin rudin at peoplepc.com
Fri Apr 15 16:50:58 PDT 2011

>I have a client that wants an unusual device. Looking at it have have two 
>questions right of the bat. First being, is this even legal. The next being if 
>it is legal then how do I blazon it. I know that two wolves yin-yanged is not 
>going to fly. Below is a link to an image of the device.
>The client is going for EARLY Norse. 

Well, there's your hook for explaining it to him.  This is a design no early Norse society (or medieval herald) would have produced.

What he needs to understand is that heraldry is an art style. It has several characteristics, including being reproducible from the blazon, and being created in layers.  Also, repeated charges are either identical or reversed.

The two wolves are each the layer on top of the other one.  This is a modern motif not used in period heraldry.

Please explain to him that he has drawn a striking example of using runes and wolves in a modern design.  Compliment him for his excellent use of modern design elements, and see if you can challenge him to look at lots of heraldry and use his design skills within that art style.

The crucial thing to get across is that he isn't in violation of an arbitrary rule; he just hasn't begun to design in heraldic (or Norse) art yet.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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