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Blazon first:
(1) The field division is "per bend sinister sable and argent" - the field is blazoned first.
(2) The primary charges are arranged "in bend" - since this is a nonstandard the arrangement is mentioned second.
(3) The primary charges are the same charge type (wolf head erased [torn out at the roots]) , but they have different orientations so need to be blazoned separately.  The first to mention is the one topmost/leftmost - it is bendwise sinister contourny (facing the wrong way).  The second is "bendwise sinister inverted contourny" (upside down but facing the rightway).
(4) The tinctures of the charges are "argent" (on sable) and "sable" (on argent).  The blazon shorthand for this is "countechanged" and is blazoned last.
The resulting blazon is "Per bend sinister sable and argent, in bend a wolf's head erased bendwise contourny and a wolf's head erased bendwise inverted counterchanged."
Heraldic Style:
The emblazon can be precisely described in heraldic terms, but blazon is awfully long and has very complex clauses doesn't it?  That's an indication it may be poor period style.  It may, in fact, be non-period style.  Beasts only appeared inverted when arranged "in annulo".  The same should be true for heads as well.
"Per pale sable and argent, two wolf heads erased respectant counterchanged" is far closer to period style.  "Per fess sable and argent, three wolf heads counterchanged" is better.  "Sable, a wolf head erased argent" is even better for a scandinavian persona.  The challenge is conflct/presumption with what is already registered.


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This is about the closest you are going to get to a heraldic device.
I slapped this together in a couple of minutes  (Gotta love pennsic
traceable art project)


I am wrong on the blazon but  those who are better with blazons can correct it.

per bend sinister two wolve's heads erased (something) counterchanged

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