[ANSTHRLD] Two wolves yin-yanged

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BTW if he wanted runes, he can only pick one these days.  Of course the 
arrangement is modern for that futhark.

As an honest piece of advice, since he wants "EARLY" viking, my guess is with 
this runic usage and such that probably the best inspiration for adapting early 
pictorials to heraldric ones is to look at Vendel art.  Some of those could very 
easily be blazoned into period heraldry and then drawn as the client wishes.  By 
Vendel I mean even check out the Sutton Hoo stuff, and even earlier like 
Illerup,etc. where the shield have been reconstructed and are high status and 


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I have a client that wants an unusual device. Looking at it have have two 
questions right of the bat. First being, is this even legal. The next being if 
it is legal then how do I blazon it. I know that two wolves yin-yanged is not 
going to fly. Below is a link to an image of the device.


The client is going for EARLY Norse. 


Robert of Coleford
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