[ANSTHRLD] Two wolves yin-yanged

Wendy Erisman wenthlyan at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 17 09:14:29 PDT 2011

Greetings --

Adelaide wrote:
There's no way to get what he's going for with the creation of positive
 negative space with the two wolves (though in my mind's eye I see an
 coat where the line of division was created using two opposing
 heads-- does that ring anybody else's bells?).

The device Adelaide is thinking of is Hildegard von Garmisch, "Per bend sinister azure and argent, a horse's head and a horse's head 
inverted reversed both issuant from the line of division counterchanged," registered April 2000 and reblazoned January 2007 via the Middle.

At the time of registration, the LoAR noted, "The device motif is currently registerable; it follows a 
pattern found in Siebmacher's Wappenbuch, using linden leaves, 
and Palimpsest has found a 15th century example of a similar motif using
 wolf heads."

The submitter may be able to get closer to his original idea if he goes for something along these lines. Certainly, Germanic heraldry is much more likely than Anglo-Norman to use both mirror symmetry and complex objects issuant from a line of division.


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