[ANSTHRLD] Device question (please bare with me)

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Wow. I am pleasantly surprised your picture came through.

Unfortunately, there are issues with you getting the device passed. Some surmountable, some I am much less sure of.

First, your device is color-on-color, meaning a dark tincture (red) on top of a dark tincture (black). The yellow/gold outlining doesn't help with that, as it would have in the Earliest Days, because current rules only allow outlining (fimbriating) to count for something if the object outlined is a simple shape in the middle of the shield. Your outlining really isn't thick enough to count as fimbriating anyway, it's more of an artistic detail. This, however, is the surmountable (with difficulty) problem -- there are rare instances of red-on-black and black-on-red armory in period. The current rules require you to supply documentation of such with your submission, preferrably several and preferrably in the culture and time period of your persona. This is to prove you have 'done your homework'.

However, the current rules also require that the image be reproducible from the blazon -- the verbal description of the device, and that the image be easily discernible as to what it is from a distance -- and I fear this design would fail on both counts. Better heralds than me will chime in on that. As well as whether a phoenix could be depicted as rising but not from flames, or rising in profile like this, (which IS the way natural birds are depicted 'rising'.)

And your blazon would be, simply "Sable, a phoenix rising gules." You don't need 'rampant', and you don't need 'armed' unless you are specifying a different tincture for the arming.

Kevin, Nordsteorra

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I would like to first thank anyone taking the time to read this! :)
I have been going over my device on facebook lol and it was suggested that I 
hould send this to the heralds for review / enlightenment.
Basically I want to use the following but had some questions:
Sable a Phoenix rampant gules armed rising (wings displayed and addorsed) 
The phoenix would be outlined in gold but not real sure how to say that....
Question one: I'm not sure rampant is needed if I say armed or if rampant can be 
sed to describe a Phoenix.
Question two: normally you see Phoenix rising from ash/flame, can it be just 
ising, as in flight?
Question three: I have looked and do not see many devices with Phoenix on them, 
hat say armed, meaning to have talons showing, is it possible to? Are there 
ule against it?
I will attempt to attach a pic of my shield but I'm not sure the list will allow 
he photo...
Thanks much!!

Ld Kylan Ulfgierrson mka Charles Armitage 

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