[ANSTHRLD] Device attempt 2

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>From the precedents of Bruce Draconarius (taken from the online compiled and indexed precedents as the eighth item under the heading Proper):

[A phoenix gules, enflamed proper] The phoenix was blazoned on the LOI as proper, with the 12th Century Cambridge Bestiary cited as the authority (via Dennys' Heraldic Imagination). While the Bestiary describes the phoenix as "reddish purple," I would hesitate to define that as its heraldically proper tincture. As it turns out, there's at least one period heraldic example of a phoenix proper: the crest of the Worshipful Company of Painters, granted 1486, is blazoned a Fenyx in his propre nature and coloure. That phoenix is colored mostly gold, with red highlights and details. (Bromley & Child, Armorial Bearings of the Guilds of London, p.184 and plate 39)



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> > Sable, two bendlets argent and overall a phoenix
> proper.
> >
> > This is a black field with two white lines running
> from upper left to lower
> > right and a phoenix in full color in the center
> overtop the
> > lines, yes?
> What is a "phoenix proper"?  Flames proper I know --
> alternating
> tongues of yellow and red -- but what's the tincture of the
> birdie
> part?
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