[ANSTHRLD] Device attempt 2

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That got me to looking.

I found one case of bendlets engrailed registered in the SCA (but those are from 1991 and may not indicate that it is acceptable to day).

You may be able to engrail or embattle or add some other complex line of division to the sub-ordinary.  You can certainly make the bendlets wavy.  But for some reason I thought there was a reason you could not add a complex line to diminutives of ordinaries.

I'll keep looking but I am not finding a clear answer one way or the other.
Kylan, you may be able to engrail the bendlets after all.

Remember that engrailing makes the edge of the bendlet towards the top of the shield engrailed but the bottom side of the bendlet remains plain line.  To engrail both sides, the bendlet would be engrailed and counter-engrailed.



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> > Yes.  I want to clarify that bendlets are not
> just lines.  The are
> > thick lines.  Basically about one-third the
> thickness of a normal
> > bend.
> >
> > These would be straight, or plain line, and not
> engrailed.  Or you
> > could have a bend that is engrailed.
> Why can't you have two bendlets engrailed, or three
> embattled, or
> whatever?
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