[ANSTHRLD] Device attempt 2

Bob Wade logiosophia at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 21 19:14:32 PDT 2011

--- On Thu, 4/21/11, Charles Armitage <charlesarmitage at yahoo.com> wrote:

So mine would be more like: Sable, two bendlets engrailed argent, overall a Phoenix issuant from flames proper

Or do I need to specify the Phoenix color as well and place "or" in it?

Sable, two bendlets engrailed argent, overall a Phoenix Or issuant from flames proper
What the SCA registersis the emblazon, not the blazon.  The latter can change as our knowledge of heraldry increases.  The blazon is determined by the College of Arms and our attempts at it merely educated suggestions.

I'm also imagining that since this is only missing the border and the bendlets being engailed, that it's too close to the device for Roger St. Neot de Blaise that it wouldn't pass?
No, I see your blazon proposal as 2 CD clear under the Rules for Submission.  http://heraldry.sca.org/laurel/rfs.html (q.v. Rfs X.4).  The first is for removal of the peripheral charge (Bordure) under RfS X.4f (Number Changes).  The second is for changing the type of primary charges under RfS X.4e (Type Changes) because "....Since the edge partition line of a charge is part of its type, the change from a pale wavy to a pale embattled is one clear difference. Changing from a pale wavy to a fess embattled is also one change of type, not a change of type plus a change of edge partition."

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