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Further, if a Regional Exception is invoked, all elements must be found in the Region per RfS VIII.6b: 
"Regional Style - Alternatively, a proposed exceptional armorial design element may be documented as characteristic of a specific regional armorial style.
"In such cases the submitted armory may be registered provided that all of the following conditions are met. (1) The submitter explicitly requests an exception to the other sections of Part VIII (Compatible Armorial Style) on the grounds that the submitted armory exemplifies a specific regional style. (2) Documentation is adduced to show that exceptional design element was not uncommon in the regional style in question. (3) Documentation is adduced to show that all elements of the submitted armory can be found in the regional style in question."
i.e. The dragon/wyvern in a displayed posture would need to be found as well.

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> Bet you a quarter it can be documented as a regional exception to
> style if it's German. . .

It's possible that it could be so documented, but -that- should happen
before conflict checking, too. :)

I believe that, according to the guidelines set down by Wreath on the
July 2010, you would need three independent examples of "[black or red
field], an animate primary charge with good contrast and a [red|black]
complex peripheral ordinary".

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