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Ah, well, I was speaking from memory. I probably confused the two.

My apologies.


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> supplied with the submission. But right now bases rayonny are
 considered Not
 Period Style, and have to be replaced with "a flame issuant from base".
I'd like to see the ruling on this, could you tell me what LoAR it is from? 
A search of the Ordinary and Armorial shows:
Morgan MacDuff. Badge. Sable, in fess a death's head enflamed in chief between 
nd conjoined to a pair of hands inverted, a base rayonny argent.
Registered via Atenveldt June 2010.
With that recent of a registration it is doubtful that the ruling you quote is 
till valid unless it is a recent one. I do know that a base of flames is not 
egisterable, but not a base rayonny.
Eirik Halfdanarson
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