[ANSTHRLD] Blazoning and Winterkingdom

SBarrett barrett1 at cox.net
Sun Jan 2 21:16:40 PST 2011

Glad to know there will be a table.
I might have some other folks to send that way as well. Much obliged.

As to the suggested blazon - I thought about using "maintaining", but I 
couldn't find an example of a crescent of any sort maintaining something. 
There may be plenty, I just didn't spot them.
Whenever I found a bell (classic or church bell, not a hawks bell or a hand 
bell) attached to another object, it was blazoned as being "dependant" from 
that object.

That is why I said "... a bell dependant within a decrescent, argent." Is 
the concern that my wording doesn't clearly state the bell is attached to 
the upper point or horn of the crescent?

I WAS surprised they could be blazoned in motion. I found one blazoned as 
"swinging to sinister". Thought that was kinda neat.


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> Castellana already has a commenting table on the schedule.   :)  So, yes,
> we're having at least one.
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>> As far as the device, depending on the relative  size of the two charges,
>> consider "Vert, a decrescent maintaining from  its upper horn a bell
>>  argent".
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