[ANSTHRLD] Newest Sable Crane

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 16:33:12 PST 2011

Although, Gwen was choked up with tears of joy from the award, I didn't know for 
sure if she was going to make it to the end of court.  

Well deserved award Gwen, Congrats, 


Thanks, Tostig! You're too kind.

I do have to say though...I owe a big portion of that language awesomeness to my 

deputy, Wihtric Wihtmunding. His Old English translations became the foundation 
and his phonetics for the Welsh girl here were key...the two of us made a great 
Anglo-Saxon team, LOL! Thanks again!

Oakenwald Pursuivant

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