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Marie de Blois erminespot at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 12:03:07 PST 2011

On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 12:05 PM, Castellana Donea
<castellana.donea at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have found sewing needles (with an eye). Can anyone point me in the direction of knitting needles or "eye-less" needles for use in a device?  Thank You.

To the best of my knowledge, double-pointed knitting needles are a
registrable charge, as they were day-to-day tools used in period.
There are four items with DPNs registered, in 1991, 1999, and 2000.
There have been two recent returns (03/2008 and 10/2010), but both
were for conflict (note: be wary of arranging them in mascle or in
saltire due to potential visual conflicts), and neither mentioned the
charge as being problematic. I'm fairly certain that they'd still be
registrable, barring conflict (including visual conflict).  So far as
I know, we have only registered double-pointed knitting needles - if
you wanted ones with ends ('straights' or "normal" knitting needles),
you might need to include documentation showing that they are a period
form of knitting needle.  I'm a modern knitter and have only the
barest knowledge of period knitting, but afaik, in period they're all

I'm not aware of any period armory with knitting needles, if
authenticity is a concern for you.


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