[ANSTHRLD] More Office Announcements!

Star Principal Herald kingdom at herald.ansteorra.org
Fri Jul 1 14:50:25 PDT 2011


I wanted to take a moment to announce the persons selected for 2 of
the offices mentioned in this month's gazette.

The new Star Signet (College of Scribes) is Lady Viviana Rowntree. I
am confident she will be more than capable of carrying on the fine
work that Master Duncan has started. I am most grateful to all who
applied for that position.

The new Tressure Herald (Educational Branch) is Sior Tomas Niallagain,
and I am excited to continue working on getting the educational
offerings updated and ready to go in a timely fashion. If you're at
all interested in helping with the educational needs of the College,
please contact Sior Tomas at Tressure at herald.ansteorra.org.

Lastly, Thank you again to Master Duncan Hepburn, and Master Tadgh for
their hard work serving the College of Heralds.



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