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My apologies. Seems there has been an update that necessitated I resend this
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Ansteorran Gazzette for July 2011


Letter from Star:

Greetings unto the Sundry Members of the Ansteorran College!

With the passing of King's College, I have officially assumed the office of
Star. I once again would like to thank Mistress Emma for helping to engineer
a very smooth transition. There's a few bits of housekeeping this month. As
previously announced, Lord Eirik Halfdanarson is the new Bordure Herald. I
know he'll do a fine job in this role. With his change in office, this
creates a vacancy for the Southern Regional Herald. Those applications are
currently being accepted until August 31st. Please contact me if you have
any questions. On July 15th, Applications will open for the Actuarius and
Wakeforest positions, which are deputies to Tressure Herald. These two
positions will assist Tressure in preparing a new warranting class, as well
as various and sundry other duties. All in all, there are plenty of
opportunities for helping and serving the College.

Round Table is this month, on the 16th. We will have a decision meeting in
the morning, as well as the usual CoH Plenary Meeting. Please make plans to
attend, as I'd like to get acquainted with those of you whom I don't yet
know, as well as discuss the direction we want to go from here as a College.
Later in the month is Ansteorran Heraldic & Scribal Symposium, in
Bordermarch. This promises to be a great event with plenty of heraldic and
scribal topics to learn from.

I expect to announce the new Star Signet, and Sable Crane Pursuivant, and
Tressure Herald not too far in the future, please stay tuned for those

I thank each and every one of you for the service you provide to Our College
and Kingdom.

In service,


Letter from Obelisk:

Greetings unto the College of Heralds.

I would give thanks Lillias MacGuffin for her service as Obelisk. Last month
was her final Gazette and she is stepping down as her term is up.  For those
who did not know the position of Sigillarius is going away and its duties
being combined with that of Obelisk.  To that end I will be stepping up as
Obelisk and finish out the term of office as Obelisk instead of Sigillarius.

One thing I would like to point out to people is that even though we have
gone to an email format for the Gazette, I will still accept articles.  What
i would like to do is put those articles on the website and provide a link
to them in the email Gazette,  So please feel free to send me your

Best Regards,

Status of ILoIs

ILoI 2011-01: Commentary closed February 2011.
LoI 2011-02. Laurel meeting May.  Pending LoAR publication.

ILoI 2011-02: Commentary closed March 2011.
LoI 2011-03. Laurel meeting June.  Pending LoAR publication.

ILoI 2011-03: Commentary closed April 2011.
LoI 2011-04. Laurel meeting July.

ILoI 2011-4: Commentary closed May 2011.
LoI 2011-05. Laurel meeting August.

ILoI 2011-5: Commentary closed June 2011.
LoI 2011-06. Laurel meeting September.

ILoI 2011-6: Comments due July 2011.
Decision meeting and LoI July.

ILoI 2011-7: Comments due August 2011.
Decision meeting and LoI August.

Upcoming Decision Meetings:
* June 18th - King's College, Elfsea -- Time/Location TBA
* July 16th - King's Round Table - Time/Location TBA -- Subject to change
* August - TBA

Internal Letter of Intent 2011-07

1. Arabella de Montacute.  (Elfsea, Barony of) - Change Device.
2. Ariel Lovechild.  (Crown Lands) - New Name.  New Device.
3. Carletta da Nicolosi.  (Rosenfeld, Shire of) - Change Device.
4. Crínán mac Eoin.  (Rosenfeld, Shire of) - Resub Device.
5. Damon Xanthos.  (Glaslyn, Canton of) - New Name.  New Device.
6. Eldwin Nightowl.  (Crown Lands) - New Device.
7. Gavin Rede.  (Raven's Fort, Barony of) - New Device.
8. James Northfolke  (Raven’s Fort, Barony of) - Resub Device.
9. John of Severn.  (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) - New Badge.
10. Madylyne Taylor.  (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) - New Name.
11. Nicola da Riva.  (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) - New Name.  New Device.
12. Nicole la fille Pierre.  (Rosenfeld, Shire of) - New Name.  New Device.
13. Oddus Torcoli.  (Raven's Fort, Barony of) - Resub Device.
14. Paul Gerard Williamson.  (Elfsea, Barony of) - New Name.
15. Penelope de Bourbon.  (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) - New Name.
16. Sara de la Val.  (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) - Change Name.
17. Yves de Fleury.  (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) - New Name.

ILoI 2011-07 can be found at http://herald.ansteorra.org/ILoI/iloi201107.pdfand

Fast-Track ILoI for 2011-06

Fast Track Returns
1. Alethea Valentinius Name and Device
2. Catrin verch Reis Device

Fast-Track ILoI 2011-06 can be found at

Annotated Internal Collated Commentary 2011-05

1. Áedammair inghean Phadraig (Barony Bordermarch) Resubmitted Name and
2. Aedan McCrae (Rosenfield, Shire of) New Name and Device.
3. Alaric Styrr (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) New Badge.
4. Atli Karlsson (Baron Bordermarch) New Name and Device.
5. Caitilín inghean Ruaidhrí uí Cheallaigh (Stargate, Barony of ) New
6. Caoilinn O’Kelly (Glaslyn, Shire of) New Name and Device.
7. Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe (Mooneschadowe, Province of)
Resubmitted Device.
8. Cristobal de Soria (Stargate, Barony of) New Name and Device.
9. Dietrich Wyss (Wyβ) (Elfsea, Barony of) New Name and Device.
10. Eórann MacCavish (Barony Bordermarch) New Name and Device.
11. gunnhildr Hróaldsdóttir (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) New Name.
12. Isaac Masters (Mooneschadowe, Province of) New Name and Device.
13. Keina Terrickdoutter (Namron, Barony of) New Name and Device.
14. Kolfinna in kyrra Óttarrsdottir (Shadowlands, Shire of) New Name and
15. Kormakr Mikjálsson (Elfsea, Barony of) New Name and Device.
16. Laura Synger (Mooneschadowe, Province of) New Name.
17. Mabry Gardiner (Seawinds, Shire of) New Name and Device.
18. Theodric Afhams (Tir Medóin, Shire of) New Device.
19. Victor Meurisse (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) New Name.

AICC 2011-05 can be found at: http://herald.ansteorra.org/ICC/aicc201105.pdf

The external Letter of Intent for June 2011 can be found at
and http://oscar.sca.org/index.php?action=100&loi=1046

A list of items currently in progress can be found at

Further details on the status of items at Laurel can be found at

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