[ANSTHRLD] Conflict Check Request: Vegetable Lamb

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"... The use of a combination half-animal, half-plant creature is also problematic; the "vegetable lamb" appears to be a unique case (and not actually used in period armory). Resubmission of this motif should be accompanied by documentation of similar conjunctions of charges in period armory." (LoAR, Apr 2004, R-Æthelmarc [Adam of Enstone])
"... The monster doesn't appear to have been formed in a period style; the only comparable example in period (non-armorial) art was the vegetable lamb, a tree that bore sheep as its "fruit". It was described by Sir John Mandeville, c.1371, and was evidently an attempt to describe cotton, not a mythical beast. The example of the vegetable lamb does not support the monster shown here." (LoAR, Sep 1992, R-West [Brian di Caffa])
It looks like a unique (i.e. X2 Clear) monster -- it's classified in the O&A under Monster (Other).  Figures that the defining instance was registered at Heraldycon.,

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Greetings all!

So I'm in a devious mood.

I'm looking at (Fieldless) A vegetable lamb azure fructed argent.

It seems clear (in that it does not conflict with other vegetable
lambs registered). I am unable to locate any precedent that holds this
particular charge in conflict with anything else, but i'm curious what
others might know.

I am aware that it was not used in period heraldry, but it would make
an oh so spiff badge :-p


Joseph M. Percer, AAS, LP
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