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Mari's English Sign names, at
http://www.medievalscotland.org/kmo/inn/#BynameInn has the pattern:

(Possibly the owner's byname) + Inn (Tavern)

which might get you <Harper's Tavern> or <Harper's Inn>. I'm not up on
what documentation is necessary regarding designators, OR if they're
interchangable as with this pattern. Household names can be very
tricky things and Laurel has gotten quite picky over the years as to
what can be registered. I would say constructions found in Mari's Sign
Names are your best bet for the English language.

Mistress Juliana, Pelican queen of arms just published a paper, "Inn
Signs and House Names in 15th Century Paris". She does note a category
"Houses named after their owners", with three subcategories: Surname
only, Full name, and Title only. It might be possible to use this to
augment Mari's article, but again, this is not my specialty.

For <Harper>: Bardsley sn <Harper> has several citations of <le
harper> and <harper> throughout the 14th Century.
<Hall>: The Online Middle English Dictionary
sn <Hal(le> has several spellings but the most commonplace seems to be

So, Your mileage may vary, but I suspect you could get away with
<Harper's Halle>.

I'm sure if I've mucked this up or led you astray someone will fix it.

Andrewe, trying his hand at something new.

On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 12:55 PM, Brett Chandler-Finch
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> Household name:  Harper Hall
> Badge   Fieldess, a harp vert
> This will be a name for a household that runs a tavern.
> 1) What documentation is needed for the name?
> 2) Will the badge pass conflict check?
> The closest I found was    Argent, a harp and a base vert.
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