[ANSTHRLD] Harper Hall, (Fieldess) A harp vert

Diane Rudin serena1570 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 14 12:24:27 PDT 2011

Modar, you weren't the only one. Especially when I'm in the middle of my 
who-knows-how-many-th re-read of *The White Dragon*. For that matter, the 
collection of "Dragonsong", "Dragonsinger", and "Dragondrums" is called "The 
Harper Hall Trilogy". I'm staring at the  spine of the hardback across the room 
from me right now.  I could not possibly ever hear "Harper Hall" and think of 
anything other than Pern.

At least the harp badge isn't "azure"....


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>  The Harper Hall is a central location in Anne  McCaffrey's Chronicles of Pern 
> Maybe I'm an "old timer" from back  when the books were at their height of 
>popularity, but Pern is the first thing I  thought of when I heard the  name.
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> --Modar

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