[ANSTHRLD] Irish Gaelic help -- Ronan M-something

John Atkinson johnmatkinson at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 06:07:08 PDT 2011

OK, I hate Gaelic and know nothing about it.

means I can push Ronan up to 1117, when it is documented as a

And my feckless client bought a copy (without my knowledge!  I'd have
discouraged it.) of a The Surnames of Ireland by MacLysaght and
settled on Maghery (which is the modern form, I know) which that
source claims is attested to in 1308 and lists the Gaelic form as An
Mhachaire (also modernized?).

All I know about Gaelic is that it changed.  A lot.  Place to place
and period to period.  And the damn client hasn't really settled on a
century in his head either, but is fired up about settling on a name

How do I fix this submission?

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