[ANSTHRLD] From the January 2011 LoAR:

Joseph Percer jpercer at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 06:48:31 PST 2011


Laurel has registered the following items. There were no Returns or
Pends for Ansteorra this month!


Alisone McCay. Badge. (Fieldless) In fess a rose branch slipped and
leaved and a natural dolphin conjoined in annulo argent.

Alys Langton. Name.

    Nice 16th century English name!
Annest verch Gruffydd. Name.

Antonia de la Fuente. Name.

    Submitted as Antonia de la fuente, the submitter requested
authenticity for 16th century Spanish. The typical form of a Spanish
name would consistently use or omit capitalization, as antonia de la
fuente or Antonia de la Fuente; as consistent capitalization is more
typical of 16th century Spanish, we have changed it to the latter form
to meet her request for authenticity. However, the name is
registerable as submitted.
Emma Farewyll. Name.

    Nice 15th century English name!
Ilariia Shchastn'evicha. Name and device. Or, a saltire moline
disjoint sable within an annulet gules.

    Please instruct the submitter that the arms of the saltire should
be slightly longer.
Isabella Maria della Rosa. Name.

Jayme Dominguez del Valle. Alternate name Andrewe Bawldwyn and badge.
Quarterly azure and vert, a fleam and an orle argent.

    Nice 16th century English name!
Lorenzo Martín. Name change from Sæmundr bogsveigir and device. Sable,
a scorpion inverted within a bordure embattled Or.

    The submitter requested authenticity for 16th century Spanish;
this name meets that request.

    The submitter's previous name, Sæmundr bogsveigir, is released.
Martin Malone. Name and device. Per pale gules and sable, a chief per
fess sable and argent.

    Nice 16th century Anglicized Irish name.

Yours in Service,

Andrewe, Bordure.

Joseph M. Percer, AAS, LP

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