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Thank you all! I had no idea that charged tierces weren't allowed.
Tostig, I showed my wife your idea of the chief triangular, and she liked that. How far down does it go? About a third of the way down the shield? 
I suppose then that I'm looking at "Argent, a willow tree eradicated proper, and on a chief triangular azure a latin cross flory or". (She told me the charges and tinctures she wanted, and left it up to me to arrange them for her ;p )

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Owing to what is becoming overwhelming support for the idea, on and after June 1, 1991, the College will no longer register charged sides or tierces. The three-month delay in implementing this action will allow those submissions with charged tierces currently pending at the College level to be considered without prejudice, since they were submitted before this ruling. I would like a discussion in the College as to whether uncharged tierces should be included in this ban (and whether we could or should expand it to un/charged gores, gussets, etc.). 
(Cover Letter, LoAR Feb 1991) http://heraldry.sca.org/loar/1991/02/cvr.html
It was reiterated Feb 2003 (Although they quoted the date of the Cover Letter rather than the LoAR date)
The submittor might want to consider something like
Argent, a weeping willow proper and on a chief triangular purpure, a heart argent.? (Willow of the Dancing Heart, Device,? March 1987).? The change in tincture of the chief to azure would be 1 CD while changing from a heart to a cross would be a 2nd.

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I believe we do not register charged tierces. Cannot quote precedent at this
time can someone confirm that?


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