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Mon May 2 20:46:03 PDT 2011

Ansteorran Gazette for May 2011


Letter From Star:

Greetings and welcome to A.S. 46!

As of this writing, my successor has not yet been named, but I hope that we
will be able to announce the
next Star Principal Herald soon. As you have no doubt read by now, I have
been named the next Wreath
Sovereign of Arms, and so confess to looking forward to my impending Sable
Roundel-ness for the
approximately 20 seconds free I will have before being swallowed by the next

Roughly half of the submissions received at Gulf Wars this year are on this
month's Internal Letter of
Intent. The other half will be on the June ILoI. As always, the more
commenters the better! Ansteorra has
enjoyed a spectacular pass/fail rate at Laurel the past year or so,
including a 100% acceptance rate for all
our submissions this past quarter. Huzzah!

And speaking of commenters, if anyone desires to be able to comment at the
Laurel level on OSCAR, you
need only ask. I strongly recommend commenting some on ACE first;
OSCAR-level commentary tends to
be a bit more academic, and is considered private, not public as commentary
on ACE is.

Lastly, but possibly most importantly, I am pleased to announce that the
Ansteorran Heraldic and
Scribal Symposium this year will be hosted by the Barony of Bordermarch,
held on July 30, 2011. More
information about this event will be coming soon!

In service,
Emma de Fetherstan
Star Principal Herald


ILoI 2011-01: Comments due February 10.
LoI 2011-02. Laurel meeting May.

ILoI 2011-02: Comments due March 10.
LoI 2011-03. Laurel meeting June.

ILoI 2011-03: Comments due April 10.
Decision meeting and LoI April.

ILoI 2011-4: Comments due May 10.
Decision meeting and LoI May.

ILoI 2011-5: Comments due June 10.
Decision meeting and LoI June.

ILoI 2011-6: Comments due July 10.
Decision meeting and LoI July.

Upcoming Decision Meetings:
* May 29th 2011 - Steppes Warlord, Dallas, TX - At the Herald's Consult
Table - Time TBA
* June 2011 - Date TBA - This will be an @Home Meeting
* July 16th 2011 - King's Round Table - Time TBA

Internal Letter of Intent 2011-05

1. Áedammair inghean Phadraig (Barony Bordermarch) Resubmitted Name and
2. Aedan McCrae (Rosenfield, Shire of ) New Name and Device.
3. Alaric Styrr (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) New Badge.
4. Atli Karlsson (Baron Bordermarch) New Name and Device.
5. Caitilín inghean Ruaidhrí uí Cheallaigh (Stargate, Barony of ) New
6. Caoilinn O’Kelly (Glaslyn, Shire of) New Name and Device.
7. Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe (Mooneschadowe, Province of)
Resubmitted Device.
8. Cristobal de Soria (Stargate, Barony of) New Name and Device.
9. Dietrich Wyss (Wyβ) (Elfsea, Barony of) New Name and Device.
10. Eórann MacCavish (Barony Bordermarch) New Name and Device.
11. gunnhildr Hróaldsdóttir (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) New Name.
12. Isaac Masters (Mooneschadowe, Province of) New Name and Device.
13. Keina Terrickdoutter (Namron, Barony of) New Name and Device.
14. Kolfinna in kyrra Óttarrsdottir (Shadowlands, Shire of) New Name and
15. Kormakr Mikjálsson (Elfsea, Barony of) New Name and Device.
16. Laura Synger (Mooneschadowe, Province of) New Name.
17. Mabry Gardiner (Seawinds, Shire of) New Name and Device.
18. Theodric Afhams (Tir Medóin, Shire of) New Device.
19. Victor Meurisse (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) New Name.

ILoI 2011-05 can be found at http://herald.ansteorra.org/ILoI/iloi201105.pdf
and http://ace.heraldry.ansteorra.org/letter/view/45

Annotated Internal Collated Commentary 2011-03

1. Alys Langton (Seawinds, Shire of) Resubmitted Device.
2. Beonne seo brune (Steppes, Barony of) New Name and Badge.
3. Dmitri Davidovich Volkhovsky (Steppes, Barony of) New Name.

AICC 2011-03 can be found at: http://herald.ansteorra.org/ICC/aicc201103.pdf

Fast Tracks for 2011-04


The external Letter of Intent for April 2011 can be found at
and http://oscar.sca.org/index.php?action=175&loi=997

A list of items currently in progress can be found at

Further details on the status of items at Laurel can be found at

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