[ANSTHRLD] Cardinal Proper

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Tue May 3 14:03:38 PDT 2011

A cardinal proper has been defined.

[September 1989 LoAR, R-Ansteorra]


Dennis Landhammer. Device. Or, a
cardinal close proper.Since the cardinal is red with some minor
black markings on the face and 
only a single major can be derived for
difference of type of bird, this is in 
conflict with several coats
which feature red birds on an Or field: Fysher ("Or, a
kingfisher close gules.", cited in Papworth, p. 305), Aquila
("Or, an 
eagle close gules." ibid., p. 301)
and Cheeke ("Or, a cock gules, beaked sable.", ibid.,
p. 295). 

It will probably be ruled a weirdness but registrable since it is a New World species.


> Consider a cardinal (the male bird, not the holy dude) on arms.
> 1) Is there such a thing as a cardinal proper (I suspect there isn't)?
> 2) If there isn't a cardinal proper, how would you blazon a cardinal as being red with different colored legs and feet (often depicted, inaccurately, as sable or Or) and beak (in real life generally orange or reddish orange, but often depicted as Or)?  The only tinctures that are definitely wanted are a red body with black on the face; the rest is open to whatever would work best.  (Field is undecided).
> Eldwin Nightowl


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