[ANSTHRLD] Kingdom Submissions Statistics

Joseph Percer jpercer at gmail.com
Thu May 5 12:33:14 PDT 2011


Since there was some discussion about the submissions statistics for
our Kingdom... I had the wild urge to go and crunch the numbers.
I looked at the submissions from the period of February 2010 to
January 2011. There are still 2 Laurel letters outstanding at that
point, so the overall Laurel percentages for that year cannot yet be
computed, but the primary interest seems to lie in the kingdom
percentages. At this phase, none of the data separates out withdrawn
items, or resubmissions versus new submissions.

For the aforementioned period, the kingdom saw 198 items, 10 were
Fast-track accepted, 3 were fast-track returned. There were 83 name
submissions, 85 device submissions, and 17 badge submissions.
The kingdom returned 3 names, 25 devices, and 5 badges during this
time period, for a return rate of 3% for names, and 30% for devices
and badges respectively. There was an overall return rate of 22% in
kingdom, with a total of 36 items beign returned or withdrawn (I think
I noted 4 or 5 withdrawn items).

I'm planning to sit and work with these statistics more. I'd like to
follow Star's suggestion and break the device returns into
redraw/identifiability issues and issues with conflict. As well I will
work out a way to break out the withdrawn items so that they don't
negatively reflect our return percentage.

All in all, I think that a 22% rate of return in Kingdom is fairly
reasonable. We're filtering out the things that shouldn't be going on
to Laurel, and sending them a high-quality product. It does not seem
to be artificially high and I'm hoping that once I get around to
dividing up armory returns into identifiability issues veruss conflict
that will help get things clarified further.

The numbers seem to speak highly of the submitters and College as a
whole, so to all you locals, consultants, commenters, and office
holders out there, please keep up the good work!


Andrewe Bawldwyn
Bordure Herald
Joseph M. Percer, AAS, LP

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