[ANSTHRLD] Swans doing WHAT?

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As a FYI: There's a badge on Oscar with a swan's head erased, ought to
help you determine how much neck to include. Make sure you do the
proper coloration so it's identified as a swan and not a goose.


Emm Swan. Name and badge. (Fieldless) A swan's head erased sable.

    This badge is clear of the device of Holtmar of Wyrhtenatun, Barry
of eight and per pale Or and gules, an eagle's head erased sable.
There is a CD for the fieldless design and a CD between a swan's head,
with its prominent neck, and an eagle's head.
[Emm Swan A-Atenveldt 06/2010]


On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 2:12 PM, Joseph Percer <jpercer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Two swans' heads erased respectant entwined at the neck?? Total stab
> in the dark there...
> Is there any way you can get a sketch and upload a pic?
> Andrewe
> Bordure
> On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 2:11 PM, John Atkinson <johnmatkinson at gmail.com> wrote:
>> OK, client is asking about swan head (just the heads!) being crossed
>> at the neck.  Can you do swan heads saltaire?  Furthermore, if you're
>> whacking off a swan's head, how much neck goes with it if erased?
>> If I'm misunderstanding, and she wants two swans facing each other
>> with the necks intertwined or crossed or something, is that possible
>> and how would I blazon that?
>> Ioannes
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