[ANSTHRLD] Quetions

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Wed May 11 13:25:42 PDT 2011

> 1) I've found conflicting information on the web: are diminutives of ordinaries 
> -- smaller versions of ordinaries, like a bendlet is to a bend -- registerable 
> in SCA heraldry? 

Usually the SCA registers them only in multiples i.e. one bend, two bendlets but
if you read far enough back you can find them registered (along with a multitude
of heraldic sins we no longer commit).

> 2) Does the rule of tincture apply to charges overlaying ordinaries, e.g. can 
> your argent critters be on top of argent bendlets?

Rfs.VIII.2.b. Contrast Requirements -

i. The field must have good contrast with every charge placed directly on it 
and with charges placed overall.ii. A charge must have good contrast with any charge placed wholly on it.
So an overall charge over an ordinary must compare it's contrast to the field.

The other issue is identity. An argent thingy over another argent thingy is 
going to turn into a white blob.  That gets returned for charges that aren't
identifiable. No matter how a design follows the letter of the rules on
contrast you still have to be able to quickly recognize the charges.

Optical confusion = bad heraldry.


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