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I'll be there, of course! Who else?


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Six Weeks. That's all. Just Six Short Weeks until Heralds & Scribes
from all over the known world will travel to Atlantia for the next
edition of the Known World Heraldic & Scribal Symposium.

There will be classes of all sorts on many Heraldic & Scribal topics!

There will be a trip to UNC-Greensboro to see their collection of
Medieval documents, prayer book!  Please contact me at
Gisela.vomKreuzbach AT gmail DOT com to reserve a place on that trip.

An Heraldic Fashion Show ... whether it's a tabbard, a sideless
surcote or underwear ... if it has armory on it, bring it and walk the
run-way to show it off!

A Scribal Display of all manner of scribal works ... There will be
display tables set up to show off your best work, your work in
progress, scrolls you've received and are proud off ... work you want
input from other scribes on ... The tables will be manned all day.
Please bring your work to share and show. If you have any questions,
contact Brunnisende, the Scribal Coordinator

There will be FOOOOOOOOOOOD .... A consuite (No, it's not a period
term but let's just call it what it is, k?)  Where Lady Murienne
l'aloiere will serve out food from Friday evening till Sunday late
morning ... some period, some not but alllll of it good.

There will be a social on Saturday night with games such as Laurel
Says, Heraldic Twister, Scribal Pictionary and anything else we can
pull from our twisted minds ... O, and live period music and live
period dancing! OOOO! AND!!!! A dramatic reading of the SCA College of
Heralds Literary Classic, Wise Guys Get Lenited!!!!!!

The Laurel Road Show, Meet n Greet of Heraldic Sovereigns, Discussion
(with answers) about the new rules ... and lots and lots and lots of
fun and opportunity to meet new folks.

There will be Heralds ... There will be Scribes .... There will be fun.

Check out the web page for information

Deadline for Pre-registration rates $20 is May 31 on ACCEPS or via US
Post to me ... there after and at the door gate is $25

Hotel rooms are $69 a night but you must call the hotel directly at
336/889-8888 and ask for the block code SCA, INC   We must reach 60
room nights in order to meet our financial obligation to the hotel.
Besides ... it's MUCH more fun to be at the hotel with all the crazies
because all the BEST stories will happen at night. You know they will!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at
Gisela.vomKreuzbach AT gmail DOT com

KWHSS is a blast, folks, Come on out and meet new people and soak in
our shared geekery!

~gise ... the event steward ... =oD

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