[ANSTHRLD] Azure, on a bend sinister Or three mullets sable, a bordure Or

Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Tue May 17 08:00:40 PDT 2011

It's helpful to put some details of the item in the mail Subject line.
Otherwise, many of the Subject lines end up as "Help with armory" and
"Name check" and such, and then people can't distinguish one thread of
discussion from another.

On Tue, 17 May 2011, Brett Chandler-Finch <naturemakeswell at gmail.com> wrote:
> azure, a bordure or, on a a bend sinister or, three mullets of five
> pointsbendwise sable.
> https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/85c6Li0WSdoWU9JPE01qNg?feat=directlink

Thank you for the picture.  (For future reference: in the future, if
you don't have a picture handy, a plain English description can
sometimes do the trick.)

The picture certainly makes the design clear.  For the submission
forms, the bordure might use some thickening, though it may well be
registerable as it is.  The bend should be thickened too, come to think
of it, and the mullets grown to fill the space but not touch the edges
of the bend sinister.

Blazon nits:

We capitalize
- The first word of the blazon.
- The tincture "Or"
- "(Fieldless)" and "(Tinctureless)" (which aren't really part of the
- Proper nouns, like "cross of Jerusalem", "Bowen cross"

We blazon the primary charge (the central-most charge(s) on the field)
just after the field stuff.  So the bend sinister is first.

If two or more *adjacent* tinctures are the same, we usually normalize
it by removing all but the last.  Not that it's wrong to include the
extra ones.

In the SCA, unlike the Continent, mullets are of five points by
default, so it need not be mentioned.  The default is for charges on a
bend (or bend sinister) to be oriented along the line of the bend, so
that need not be mentioned either.  (Actually, the mullets are
"bendwise sinister".  "Bendwise" implies that they're pointing out of
the bend sinister, and they're not.)

Including redundant terms isn't incorrect, though, and if you're not
100% sure of the blazon or of the defaults, it can be help to list
them in case you misunderstood which are redundant.  Blazons get
munged along the way anyway: we register the picture (the emblazon),
not the words used to describe the picture (the blazon).  If there's a
redundant term, Star or Laurel can always just take it out.

So, in sum,

Azure, on a bend sinister Or three mullets sable, a bordure Or.

Danet Lincoln
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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