[ANSTHRLD] Next Star Principal Herald and other news

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Congrats, Andrewe!

Alejandro, Zod

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> Greetings to all and sundry members of the Ansteorran College of Heralds!
> We received no less than five applications for the next Star Principal
> Herald, which pleased me greatly. It did, of course, make the decision
> all that more difficult, and I want to emphasize again to those that
> applied to please, please, stay active in the College; no applicant
> was in fact completely out of the ballpark, and I believe it speaks
> greatly to the strength of our College.
> That said, it gives me great pleasure to announce that my successor
> will be Lord Andrewe Bawldwyn. I will step down, and he will take
> office, at King's College on June 18.
> As he is the current Bordure Herald, that position is now officially
> open for applications. Applications for office should be sent to
> Bordure (bordure at herald.ansteorra.org) and Star
> (kingdom at herald.ansteorra.org) by June 18. Lord Eirik Halfdanarson, as
> Andrewe Bordure's deputy, will be stepping in as acting Bordure until
> the position is settled, to ensure no delay in the submissions
> pipeline.
> Other offices currently open or coming open soon:
> Sable Crane Pursuivant (achievement registration) - open for
> applications, send apps to Zodiacus (zodiacus at herald.ansteorra.org)
> Tressure Herald (education) - officially opening in June, send apps to
> Tressure (tressure at herald.ansteorra.org) and Star
> -Emma, Star
> (soon-to-be Sable Roundel!)
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