[ANSTHRLD] Tressure Herald

Joseph Percer jpercer at gmail.com
Thu May 19 14:26:02 PDT 2011

Greetings To The Ansteorran College!

You may have noticed Mistress Emma's announcement that Tressure Herald
is opening for applications soon. I'd like to thank Master Tadgh for
his service. For those who are not familiar, Tressure Herald is the
head of the education branch within the College, and as such is
responsible for the maintenance and creation of educational materials.
As such, this is going to be a particularly important position over
the next couple of years as we work on those materials. I've received
a couple of emails about Tressure to date, and though it is not yet my
tenure, I would like to clear up a couple of things.

Ideally, applicants should have served as at least a branch pursuivant
before tackling Tressure. This is not to say more experience is
undesirable. The experience of having been a local herald will help
prepare the candidate for creating new warranting materials. Project
management skills will be essential to keeping the warranting class
update project on track and on time. Applicants should also be able to
supervise others who will assist them in updating the education
materials, as I am planning to re-instate two deputies to Tressure.
Veterans of the College will remember the Wakeforest and Actuarius
Pursuivants. These two offices will be returning to assist Tressure in
the preparation of new warranting and educational materials, splitting
the various topic areas of the College of Heralds between them.  While
I decline to supply specific application dates and office duties for
these positions at this time, please expect to see them forthcoming.

Applications for Tressure will close on June 30th, so that a new
Tressure can be selected prior to King's Round Table. As with all
applications, an application statement or resume is a GOOD idea!

I look forward to working with the College on this most important
issue of how to train our future!

Yours in Service,

Incoming Star

Joseph M. Percer, AAS, LP

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