[ANSTHRLD] Name Construction Check - Katerinka Lilieva Ikonnikova

Gary Koehler garylkoehler at yahoo.com
Thu May 19 22:27:37 PDT 2011

Good evening all!
Warlord is looming close for me, but I still have my usual research and consultation job to do :)  I am helping a client who is building a 14th-15th century Russian persona, and would like to submit the name Katerinka Lilieva Ikonnikova. Checking Paul's archives on St. Gabriel's shows that the elements are all there, but I would like to double-check the construction.
So to start, Katerinka (dim. of Ekaterina - http://heraldry.sca.org/paul/ka.html) is the given name.
Lilieva is probably going to be a problem. The only place I can find this name is in the article on botanical bynames (http://www.goldschp.net/archive/plantnames.html under "Flowers"), and it's actually "Liliev" (lily). Also, I'm not sure that it's in the right order in the full name, considering the next element:
Ikonnikova is the patronymic ( feminizing the masculine patronymic "Ikonnik", as demonstrated here - http://www.goldschp.net/archive/femnames.html.  Ikonnik can be found here - http://heraldry.sca.org/paul/h-j.html).
Whew. So, what kind of adjustments should be made, if any?
Thank you!
Konrad Nowak
Acting Oakenwald Pursuivant

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