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I asked our local Latin-wallah & got this reply:


I would say something like "aerumnosissimum cubile caeni scelerisque"
(lit. more like "most calamitous bed of filth and wickedness", but in
a very metaphorical sense very much like "wretched hive of scum and
villainy"), but you have a lot of options! I wouldn't use alveus or
spuma - they're very literal, and just not derogatory enough - but
miser and improbitas are fine. What's better depends on whether it's a
morally upright person making an accusation, or a morally degenerate
person making a boast.

Not sure why google wants to put the scum and villainy into the
dative, but I suppose that could maybe work too - I don't do enough
prose construction to know for sure that it's not appropriate! Having
said that, it's also put alveus into dat/abl, which *must* be just
wrong, so maybe I'm right.


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