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Tue Jul 3 09:40:10 PDT 2012

Ansteorran Gazette for July 2012


Greetings Unto the College!

I want to apologize for my slowed-down nature lately, I'm negotiating
the rapids that are a mundane job change and move. If I don't respond
to you in a couple of days, please re-ping me. That being said, here
follows my missive!

Known World Heralds and Scribes 2012 was a wonderful time. I got to
pick up some useful knowledge on SENA, and I'm hoping to have some of
the classes on the new standards available at our AHSS in August. At
this time, I can announce that Ansteorra was selected to host the
Known World Symposium for 2013! This means KWHSS will be returning to
our Kingdom, next year, in San Antonio! Please make plans to attend
now, it's a great time.

The offices of Obelisk, Arbalest, and Eclipse are still open for apps
until July 15th. If you're at all interested in any of these jobs
please get in touch with me.

King's Round Table is coming up this month. I will not be able to
attend due to work, but Alden Actuarius will be delivering my report
and conducting the plenary meeting for me. I'll look forward to seeing
you all in the future.


Status of ILoIs

ILoI 2011-12: Comments closed January 2012.
LoI 2012-01. Laurel meeting April. LoAR published.

ILoI 2012-01: Commentary closed February 2012.
LoI 2012-02. Laurel meeting May. Pending LoAR publication.

ILoI 2012-02: Commentary closed March 2012.
LoI 2012-03. Laurel meeting June. Pending LoAR publication.

ILoI 2012-03: Comments due April 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-04. Laurel meeting July.

ILoI 2011-04: Comments due May 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-05. Laurel meeting August.

ILoI 2011-05: Comments due June 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-06. Laurel meeting September.

ILoI 2011-06: Comments due July 10, 2012.
Decision meeting and LoI July.

ILoI 2011-07: Comments due August 10, 2012.
Decision meeting and LoI August.

Upcoming Meetings:

* July 21st - Plenary Meeting @ Round Table
* July 21st - Decision Meeting (2012-06 ILoI) @ Round Table
* August 18th - Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium
* August 18th - Decision Meeting (2012-07 ILoI) @ AHSS, Rosenfeld 
(Tyler, TX)
* September 14-16 - Decision Meeting (2012-07 ILoI) @ Ravensfort Defender

Internal Letter of Intent 2012-07

1: Adelaide de Ruthven - New Device
2: Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza - New Badge
3: Amalia Zavattini - New Badge
4: Amalia Zavattini - New Badge
5: Andreas von Meissen - New Badge
6: Caiterína O'Hare - New Name
7: Catarina Francésca Magdalèna della Scala - New Name & New Device
8: Dietrich Wyß - Resub Device
9: Kazimir Liskovich syn Volkov - New Name & New Device
10: Samuel Dewy - New Name
11: Þorin Sáli - New Name

ILoI 2012-07 can be found here:

Internal Letter of Decision 2012-05

Administrative Actions

Forwarded to Laurel

1: Chrestein Brule - New Acceptance of Household Name
2: Enid of Crickhollow - New Blanket Permission to Conflict
3: Magnus von Lubeck - New Transfer of Household Name

Returned for further work.
May 2012 Internal Letter of Intent

Forwarded to Laurel

1: Ekaterina Ivanova - New Name
2: Elizabeth Elwyn - New Name
3: Gillian inghean Sheain - New Name
4: Katherine Elwyn - New Name
5: lsolde Lytwyn - New Name
6: Thomas Elwyn - New Name
7: Willa Wylde - New Name & New Device

Returned for further work

1: Corwin von Xanten - New Badge
2: Ekaterina Devanova - New Device

Full letter and text of decision can be found here:

Internal Collated Commentary 2012-05 can be found here:

The external Letter of Intent for June 2012 can be found here:

A list of items currently in progress can be found here:

Further details on the status of items at Laurel can be found here:

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