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If the whole fillet is made from metal wire and is over 1/2 wide.... I'd say yes, it would fall under sumptuary laws.   To my knowledge, there are no rules that a baronial coronet is required to be a solid circle, many are made to be adjusted by having an opening in the back connected by leather cord.  
If the metal braid is a decorative element added to a woven fiber length, such as inkle-loom woven, then probably no, as I've seen a number of folks use inkle-woven belts on their heads to keep a veil in place (men and women), as a head covering.  
Kingdom sumptuary rules can be found at: 
It statesSection 7 : Fillets A. Any member of the populace may wear a metal fillet not to exceed ½ inch in width. 
B. Any metal-looking band across the front of the head is a coronet, if it exceeds the stated dimension or is decorated in any of the ways noted above. 
Perhaps you can provide a link to a photo image of the piece.   
Cheers, Hillary
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Would a tablet-woven band brocaded with a metalic thread fall into the
catagory of "metal" and therefore be regulated as a fillet by the sumptuary
laws?  The latest version of the law I can find online (2006) states that
fillets for members of the poulace must not be more than 1/2 inch, and the
desired materials and pattern would create a band between 5/8 & 3/4 inch
wide.  The metalic brocade section would not fully encircle the head but
begin just behind the ears.

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