[ANSTHRLD] Office of Solstice Herald (Southern Regional) Now open for applications

Eldwin Nightowl eldwin at loveshade.org
Sat Jul 21 09:05:46 PDT 2012

Does the Solstice Herald only work two days a year?  Sorry, couldn't resist.
Seriously, thank you for your service, and best wishes in finding a great successor!
Eldwin Nightowl

>From: Solstice Herald <southern at herald.ansteorra.org>
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>Sent: Friday, July 20, 2012 11:45 PM
>Subject: [ANSTHRLD] Office of Solstice Herald (Southern Regional) Now open for applications
>Greetings unto the Heralds of Ansteorra,
>I wanted to say that I have had a wonderful time and greatly enjoyed
>working with Star Principal, the other regionals like Tostig, and the rest
>of the college of heralds along with the Southern regional heralds for the
>past two years.  Sadly though it is that time where I must step down as
>Solstice Herald.  I am announcing that my office is open for applications
>and the deadline is Oct. 1.  So if you are interested in going the next
>level of heraldry management within our wonderful kingdom, please send your
>application to me at southern at herald.ansteorra.org and Star Principal at
>kingdom at herald.ansteorra.org. Thank you and remember that all applications
>for the office of Southern Regional Herald are due to both Star and myself
>by Oct.1.
>In Service
>Alisone McCay
>Solstice Herald
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