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Ansteorran Gazette for November 2012



BAM is fast approaching! They'll need help with site announcements and
other things I'm sure. If you're attending and wish to help out with
crying the camps, please contact Mistress Jalali. They are also
accepting class submissions for those of you who are attending and
would like to teach!

Northern Regional Applications close December 1st. If you're
interested in the job, please get in touch with me if you haven't
already submitted an application. Apps should go to myself at
kingdom at herald.ansteorra.org

I want to take a moment to remind folks preparing submissions that
unless an item of documentation is enumerated on the No-photocopy
list, copies of documentation must be included. Asterisk has noted
several submissions where copies are not being included, mostly
content from the Medieval Names Archive co-hosted with the Academy of
St. Gabriel. Remember that it is only the numbered reports which are
no-photocopy. If you have a question, contact Asterisk, but be aware
we reserve the right to administratively return any submission that is
not complete.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season this month, and I'll
see you at BAM!


Status of ILoIs

ILoI 2011-04: Comments closed May 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-05. Laurel meeting August. LoAR published.

ILoI 2011-05: Comments closed June 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-06. Laurel meeting September. Pending LoAR publication.

ILoI 2011-06: Comments closed July 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-07. Laurel meeting October. Pending LoAR publication.

ILoI 2011-07: Comments closed August 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-08. Laurel meeting November.

ILoI 2011-08: Comments closed September 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-09. Laurel meeting December.

ILoI 2011-09: Comments closed October 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-10. Laurel meeting January.

ILoI 2011-10: No ILoI due to a lack of submissions.

ILoI 2011-11: Comments due December 1, 2012.
Decision meeting and LoI December.

Upcoming Meetings:

* December 8th - Decision Meeting (2012-11 ILoI) @ Bryn
Gwlad/Hellsgate Yule Revel
* January 20th - Decision Meeting (2012-12 ILoI) @ Round Rock
* February 17th - Decision Meeting (2013-01 ILoI) @ Round Rock

Internal Letter of Intent 2012-11

1: Alexandra Bentbow - Resub Device
2: Alicia Black Dragon - Resub Device
3: Asta Bassadottir - New Name
4: Batrix Elizabeth Pembrooke - New Name & New Device
5: Constancia de Thorneberyg - New Name
6: Cynthia Chambers - New Name
7: Daria Riley - New Badge
8: Galen of Bristol - New Badge
9: Ha'varr Eiri'ksson - New Name
10: Loch Sollier, Barony of - New Badge
11: Mary Whytehorne - New Name & New Device
12: Niccolaia Valore - New Device
13: Oliver Reinerson - New Name & New Device
14: Stephan Johannes Wilhelm Steger - New Name
15: Sven Randalsson - New Device
16: Sven Rannverson - New Name
17: Uilliam mac Seamus - New Name  & New Device
18: Valentine Culpepper - New Name  & New Device
19: Victorio Rafael de la Guerra y de la Paz - Resub Device

ILoI 2012-11 can be found here:

Internal Letter of Decision 2012-09

Administrative Actions

Forwarded to Laurel


Returned for further work.


September 2012 Internal Letter of Intent

Forwarded to Laurel

1: Aedan Wolfden - New Name & New Device
2: Catarina Francesca Magdelena della Scalla - Resub Device
3: Catherine Barbary - New Badge
4: Gregor Elfingstone - New Badge
5: John Tearle Brown - New Name & New Device
6: Lemoine de Gascony - New Badge
7: Lemoine de Gascony - New Badge
8: Sabiha al-Zarga' bint Hakim al'-Attar - New Name
9: Þorin Stáli - New Name
10: Turstin Fullewynd - New Name

Returned for further work
1: Aoife inghean Tuathail - New Device
2: Sabiha al-Zarga' bint hakim al'-Attar - New Device
3: Turstin ffulofwynd - New Device

Full letter and text of decision can be found here:

Internal Collated Commentary 2012-09 can be found here:

The external Letter of Intent for October 2012 can be found here:

A list of items currently in progress can be found here:

Further details on the status of items at Laurel can be found here:
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