[ANSTHRLD] A platypus and two sporks

Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Thu Nov 15 16:36:51 PST 2012

A couple of meta-notes:

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On Thu, 15 Nov 2012, Frank Schalles <francisschalles at gmail.com> wrote:
> You guys are going to like this one.
> Sable, a rampant Platypus gules, overall in saltire 2 "sporks"
> Or.

Um, I'm sorry, but I don't happen to like this.

Sable, a platypus rampant gules, overall in saltire two sporks Or.

> Yes, the platypus is under Beast, other,

Prior registration is no evidence of current registerability.

> which I think are clear. Anything I missed?

I'm sorry, but there are two certain causes for return, likely

Return for color on color: red charge on black.
Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory

Return for an animal unknown in period Europe.
"b. Non-European Plants and Animals: Plants and animals from outside
Europe which were known to Europeans in period are registerable but a
step from period practice.  This includes plants and animals from the
New World, Africa, and Asia.  The few such animals used as period
charges or crests are registerable as period charges, without a step
from period practice.  However, there are not enough of them to allow
a general pattern for the use of any non-European animals and plants.
Plants and animals which cannot be documented to be known to Europeans
before 1600 (from the interior of Africa, northern Asia, or parts of
the United States that were not systematically explored by Europeans
before 1600, for example) will not be registered.  While grey period
citations will be considered, the great expansion of knowledge
Europeans gained about the rest of the world between 1600 and 1650
means that the burden of proof of pre-1600 knowledge here is slightly

Evidence would have to be presented that a spork is a period artifact.
"a. Tools: There is a pattern of creating new charges from European
tools and other everyday artifacts.  Thus, an item that can be
documented as this sort of period artifact is registerable."

Daniel de Lindicolino
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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