[ANSTHRLD] A platypus and two sporks

Keyna keyna at hot.rr.com
Sun Nov 18 04:38:58 PST 2012

NO!!!!!! =-O

On 11/16/2012 7:56 PM, Tim McDaniel wrote:
> I should clarify
>>> You guys are going to like this one.
>>> Sable, a rampant Platypus gules, overall in saltire 2 "sporks"
>>> Or.
>> Um, I'm sorry, but I don't happen to like this.
> I like whimsy in heraldry (or elsewhere) and I like people who are
> whimsical.  I don't like this only in the sense of attempting to
> _register_ a design that has a non-period charge and problematic
> color-on-color complexity.
> Perhaps the client would be just as happy with a redesign?
> I like someone's suggestion of a beaver, if the submitter would be
> just as happy with that.  Does the Pic Dic say anything special to say
> about the depiction of the beaver in heraldry (like dolphins, sea
> dogs, and such)?  I suspect not.
> The submitter does not have to have the period attribute of showing
> the beaver about to bite his own testicles off, though bonus points if
> they have the cojones to depict that.
> Two objects in saltire is used far more in the SCA than in period
> armory, and overall charges are not so common.  Would the client like
> to consider having the beaver brandishing a fork held in a forelimb?
> If they go with the autocastrating Castor, though, I think that such a
> design would be a bit too busy -- the beaver has more to worry about
> at the moment than waving a kitchen implement.
> Danihel Lindicolinum

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