[ANSTHRLD] Accented vowels in the 1292 Paris Census

Kathleen O'Brien mari_1184 at att.net
Mon Nov 26 16:39:33 PST 2012

The source for this work (and other articles on the 1292 census of 
Paris) is the printed 1837 version by Hercule Geraud.  According to 
folks who've done research into it, it seems that Geraud added accents 
when he transcribed the census.

So, you can view the 1837 book on googlebooks, but it will have the 
accents since it's Geraud's transcription.

Here's the googlebooks link:

As far as I know, an original manuscript of this census has not been 
digitized, so it is not available online.

Hope this helps,


On 11/25/2012 12:45 PM, Randy Shipp wrote:
> I have a question about a submission on the 9/30/12 Ansteorra LoI (
> https://oscar.sca.org/index.php?action=100&loi=1595) that I didn't get in
> during commentary.
> In the commentary for the name submission of Béatriz du Chesne, there were
> comments to the effect that the acute accent on the first "e" was a
> post-period editorial change, but I never saw any documentation that
> supported that.  The source cited for the given name,
> http://heraldry.sca.org/laurel/names/paris.html, certainly has the accented
> vowel in the 1292 Paris census entry for "Béatriz la buchière."  Does
> anyone have access to a scan of the original 1292 Paris census roll that
> would settle this?  Absent that, I can't see how the weight of evidence is
> against the accented vowel.
> Thoughts?
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