[ANSTHRLD] Notifications

Arbalest Pursuivant arbalest at herald.ansteorra.org
Tue Nov 27 06:36:32 PST 2012

These are the last notifications for this month   If these individuals are
in your group please forward this.

Ekaterina Ivanova. Name. *
The submitter requested authenticity for 15th century Russian. This is an
exemplary 16th century name, but we could not confirm that Ekaterina (as
opposed to other Catherine variants) was used in the 15th century. We know
that the name was in use in the 12th century (in "Russian Personal Names:
Name Frequency in the Novgorod Birch-Bark Letters") and in the 16th century
(in Dictionary of Russian Names). However, we do not know that it was also
be found in the 15th century.

Enid of Crickhollow. Blanket permission to conflict with device. Per
chevron argent and azure, two mullets of six greater and six lesser points
and a swan naiant counterchanged. *
Enid grants permission to conflict for all armory which is one countable
step (DC) from her device.

Gillian inghean Sheain. Name. *
This name mixes an English given name and a Gaelic byname. This combination
is a step from period practice under the Rules for Submissions; it is an
acceptable lingual mix under Appendix C of the Standards for Evaluation.

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