[ANSTHRLD] Star's Monthly Missive - August 2013

Andrewe Bawldwyn kingdom at herald.ansteorra.org
Thu Aug 1 10:50:31 PDT 2013

Greetings and Salutations unto the Diverse members of Ansteorra's College
of Heralds!

I hope everyone is doing very well! We are in the midst of the very heat of
summer, but the fall tourney season is not far off! Please do stay hydrated
if you contribute to field or voice heraldry in some way.

The transition of the office of Bordure is under way. Please keep in mind
that there may be minor impacts to our submissions process during this
time, but we expect no delays in the process.

Applications for Solstice have closed, and I'm reviewing the options. My
thanks to all who have applied. I will be announcing a decision within the
next few days.

Applications for Star Principal Herald are now open! Don't everyone apply
at once! Seriously though... If you're interested, here's what you need to

Applications get sent to: Myself (kingdom at herald.ansteorra.org), The Crown,
The Coronet, and Gabriel Kjotvason, Laurel King of Arms (
laurel at heraldry.sca.org).

Apps should consist of the application form, proof of membership, and a
valid photo ID. Please also include a cover letter with your background and
goals / vision for the office.

Applications for Star will close September 30th, and the decision will be
made thereafter at the pleasure of The Crown.

If you're on the fence about applying, or are at ALL curious, please
contact me and let's talk about it.


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