HERB - good morning

Carol Ross courtanvaux at geocities.com
Fri Apr 17 09:49:37 PDT 1998

    Hello, my name is Genevieve de Courtanvaux. I also have an interest in
herbs but not to the point that I have done much research or much growing of
them. I am looking forward to following the discussions on this list because
I do not have much time to do the research. I am an adult returning to
college - that is why. Most of my activities in the SCA include costuming,
illumination, blackwork, and a little research - especially when I can tie
it back into school. (helps in the homework part) I enjoy cooking when I
have the time and energy. And currently the only two herbs I have growing
are rosemary (one of my favorite smells) and catnip (I hate the way this
smells - like skunk). Anyway, like I said I am looking forward to following
and maybe joining in on the discussion of herbs.

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