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Alysoun wrote:
>would have thought there were professional nurseries
>in the 13th century?)

	I was fascinated to learn that there was thriving nursery business outside
London as early as the 13th century and that the Italians had a cut flower
business as well.  After I found this out I started studying the
backgrounds of paintings and illustrations.  I started finding all number
of pot plants, topiaries and small bunches of plants inside homes. 

My current favorite books include Steven Foster's Herbal Renaissance, and
of course Mrs. Grieves 2 vol set.  I have Culpeppers and parts of Gerard.
I also have access to the Leechbook of Bald (Cockayne's translation)  and I
have been talking with a friend about researching Anglo-Saxon herbalism and
magic.  (He the magic and me the herbalism, but they are really joined)
Since I also enjoy wild plants I have  some of Michael Moore's books as
they relate to Texas.  Plus regional plant identification books.  (there
are several excellent books available on Texas wildflowers.)  I admit I've
gotten sidetracked into plants used in meditation gardens and spiritual
retreat gardens and am currently reading some books on plants and mental
healing (gardening for the spirit?)

I'm looking forward to the discussions as well/


Bryn Gwlad - Ansteorra
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