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I heard Dr. Varro Tyler speak at a pharmacy meeting a year ago.  It was an
excellent talk. And I was surprised how heavily attended it was!  Many of the
pharmacists I have talked to are not supporters of herbal or alternative
Thanks for the list of books... guess I will have to check out amazon.com for


Keith E. Brandt, M.D. wrote:

> >Has anyone gone into history of medicine or history
> >of pharmacology and found sources that do serious
> >analytic work on the maladies the herbs are supposed
> >to treat? Would you all be interested in pondering
> >specific questions on this? Is anyone interested in
> >medieval medical theory--humors, etc.?
> >
> >Alysoun
> Varro E. Tyler is a pharmacologist at the Purdue University School of
> Pharmacy. He has done a good bit of research on medicinal plants. I know he
> has looked extensively at pioneer-era remedies (book - "Hoosier Home
> Remedies") and has several other books on medicinal plants: "Herbs of
> Choice : The Therapeutic Use of Phytomedicinals", "The Honest Herbal : A
> Sensible Guide to the Use of Herbs and Related Remedies", "Pharmacognosy
> and Pharmacobiotechnology", "Rational Phytotherapy : A Physician's Guide to
> Herbal Medicine", & "Pharmacognosy" (do an author search in amazon.com).
> Also, the naturopathic literature reads like any other pharmacology
> literature.
> As to the history of medicine, a good general reference that is readily
> available is Nancy G. Siraisi's "Medieval & Early Renaissance Medicine". I
> haven't found a real good concise description of the humoural theory that
> goes beyond "there are 4 humours. If they are out of balance disease
> results". Perhaps the best discussion of the humoural theory I've seen is
> "Galen's System of Physiology and Medicine" by Rudolph Siegel. Not an easy
> or quick read, however.
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