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N. D. Wederstrandt nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Sun Apr 19 17:32:46 PDT 1998

At 03:38 PM 4/19/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I have just today planted some basil.  The intructions for care on the
seed packet are very  vague.  

Where do you live? Down in Bryn Gwlad (Austin, Texas) I generally keep the
soil moist until the seeds come up and generally water when the soils gets
dry up to my knuckle when I stick a finger in.  I start harvesting when I
see the first signs of blossom buds starting to form.  The basil never
seems to mind.  Pinch them back regularly and they will be your friend.
They also like plenty of sunlight and will be happy with tomatoes and
pepper plants.  The only insect problem I've ever had is with white fly
which I use insectacidal soap to get rid of them.
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