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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Wed Apr 29 04:57:43 PDT 1998

SCOTT A WAGGONER said something that sounded like:
> >It was regular store ginger. I was amazed at the different of taking a
> >small bit of this off at the hotness and flavor compared to the
> >original. I think I enjoy truly fresh ginger much more.
> What do you mean by "store ginger" and "fresh ginger"?

By "store ginger" I mean the stuff I buy when I go into the produce isle
of my grocery store.

By "fresh ginger" I mean the stuff that I took straight out of the pot
that I had in my back yard.

I honestly don't know what kind it is, but they are both the same since
the ginger I'm growing was some that sprouted after bringing it home.


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