HERB - the period pumpkin

ND Wederstrandt nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Apr 29 09:17:48 PDT 1998

>white-flowered gourd - known from Ecuador and Peru 7,000 yrs ago, Egypt
>3,000 yrs ago- currently thought to be a natural disjunction with the
>plant naturally occurring both places.
>Simpson and Ogorzaly call the Old World cucurbits "dessert foods", the
>New World "staple foods" which fits the distribution given above.  But
>is a problem for interpretting Period pumpkins.
>On the other hand, the Simmonds book makes a casual reference to a firm,
>hard greenish watermelon called citron, used for feeding livestock (but,
>likely in S. Africa)- so there may be more varieties of these fruits
>than my sources deal with.

Sturyevant lists a European squash related to or a variety of the white
flowered gourd that was eaten and grown in the Middle Ages.  I can post it
tonight ot tomorrow since the books at home and I'm at work.
Also very young luffas can be eaten before the fiber sets.  They are okay
having worked for someone who ate everything and encouraged me to try


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