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<< I've been working on figuring out what the period pumpkin is, and I'd like
 hear from other people.
 There's an illumination of the period pumpkin in the 14th century TACUINUM
 SANITATIS.  Both the leaves and fruit of the plant look like a butternut
 squash.  >>

This is a tough question. Some people think that period squash (e.g. pumpkin)
is the luffa sponge which when young and less than 6 inches long is very
edible. There is also the Italian Edible Guord , which is a part of my garden
this tear, which looks very much like a small butternut squash in the younger
stages. It elongates to 2 plus feet when mature and oftentimes curls about
itself when mature. It is also known as Cucuzzi or Calabacin. The taste is
very similar to zucchini or , for that matter, luffas. It can be sliced and
fried, steamed or simmered. If I would have to make a choice I would choose
this plant as the "pumpkin" of the Middle Ages.

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